The flood protection system of HWS-Technik consists of three main components:
Hochwasserschutz für eine EinfahrtÜberflutungs-Schutz für den Keller mit SichtfensterHochwassergeschützte KellertürMontage einer Fensterabdeckung zum Schutz vor Hochwasserprodukt-tiefgarage
  • Galvanized steel frame in high-strength anchor with house wall and floors.
  • Aluminum fin plate to conclude outwards.
  • Magnetic Locking systems for connecting the components in a waterproof and solid unit.

For the secure connection of these three elements, we also manufacture for the perefekte solution for effective flood protection.
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The flood protection system of HWS-Technik quickly secure all doors and windows in the basement and ground floor, the entrance to the boiler room is always according to the same system.
The specially matched materials and connections allow easy handling and also ensure the continued safe use.

The installation by the customer must be carried out quickly and will be maintained by our HWS team expertly to the static conditions on site – We will advise you.